Green Oak Framing
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We produce bespoke Green Oak framed buildings ranging from simple porches to substantial two storey barns.


From initial project concept to full design drawings, we use traditional techniques ensuring we produce a high quality Oak Frame to meet all requirements.


Previous projects have included:


  • Garages (single, double, office upstairs)
  • Conservatories & Sun Rooms
  • Garden Rooms & Shelters
  • Extensions
  • Swimming Pools
  • Stables
  • Barns
  • Porches


Oak frames can be covered and enclosed with variety of materials which give any property an individual and unique look. Stone, brick, thatch, cedar and living roofs all help to create a huge variety of buildings.


Each frame is designed individually to suit your own purpose perfectly. Structurally analysed we ensure stability and conformity to building regulations. The frame is made by hand using production techniques which have changed little over the past 400 years. Timber frames have stood the test of time throughout history by utilising modern materials which complement the frames, the result being well protected frames which are draft proof and weather resistant for longevity.


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